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Brea, California

Justin Kernes is a photographer who hails from the land of sunny omnipresence; Orange County. At the exposable age of 8, he received his first camera, a Vivitar 600. He hasn't looked back since, except to photograph the things behind him.

For the past three summers, Justin has been running away to New Mexico to play dress-up for the world's largest youth camp called Philmont. For three months, he freely volunteers to forgo electricity, regular showers, and all other civil amenities, plunging himself into the turn of the 20th century, truly living the part of the southwest settlers. He claims to return under the guise of giving back to the scouting community, but the amount of camera gear he hauls and the images he returns with suggest otherwise.

Justin Kernes is a graduate from Cal State East Bay with a degree in the fine art of soul-stealing photography.

Justin is always looking to work with new people and new ideas. If you require photography services or want to collaborate on the next big thing, don't hesitate to send him an email.