|#1| Apple Green Claw-marked, sneaker-kicked, and panic-ridden. Getting out or getting in, either way, get away.
|#2| Cerulean Four descending rust splotches, rickety roll-up, and wet aggregate. Ground-level floor, street access, bookstore.
|#3| Malachite Glass cut-out and permanently disabled floral patterned sunshade. Rough raw wood exterior with nasty sodium-vapor light reflecting on dusty pavement.
|#4| Persian Green Ste. 420 with steel-toe boot scrapes. Grimy stucco and elevated threshold. - Happy Easter; praise it! 
|#5| Royal Yellow Blistered plywood, graffiti repainted. Jam-side encroaching vine, repatched and repainted wall after a fresh rain. 
|#6| Myrtle Green Two-tone wall with sodium light and greasy maroon stairs. Rogue pigeon perched on the precipice, praying for provisions...possibly.
|#7| Ash Grey A worn out reflective sunshade provides a funhouse-mirror glimpse of surrounding suburbia. 
|#8| Moss Green A sickly gate encloses the dusty frame. The warped and buckled siding puckers away from the surface. Mismatched paint in the grout lines suggests a quick and dirty cover-up. 
|#9| Glaucous Slap-dash frame with plywood front quickly thrown up, the worn and weathered whitewashed wood wildly bends, pinches, and distorts akin to tiger strips and lava lamps.
|#10| Cream The sea breeze bathes Dock 107 in marine grunge. The soft, aged wood breathes in the animate air, forming a briny crust for the moss to affix itself to. 
|#11| Eerie Black Iridescent like crows wings, the recessed entrance escapes first glance. The outside color is dimly reflected by the dull sheen, the blackest mirror you ever did see.
|#12| Ecru Small craters, moon-like surface. Rusty wheel marks. 
|#13| Jade French-fry moldings, anti-skip tread, imprisoned warning light. Various dents and bolts, a long, sneaking, grease stain runs down from the lock. 
|#14| Pistachio In between the redwood bark and aggregate trashcan, a mysterious mechanistic portal to the unknown. Dare to ring the door bell? Only the authorized may enter.
|#15| Khaki Greasy, dusty vent vans are interrupted by this defaced specimen. Laminate peels back to show the fireproofing. Crusty painter's tape bear witness to a memorandum once held.
|#16| Fern Sloppily painted exterior cinder blocks peel in the late sun as the warm light scrapes the awning, casting a grid-like pattern. The reddish sand from the baseball field stains the concrete. Desiccated caulking thickly encases the opening. 
|#17| Timberwolf Corrugated aluminum siding emblazoned with refracted light resembling a poorly focused magnifying glass. The hot asphalt bears few witnesses to the many who have stood before it, defacing the now squarely rusted front. 
|#18| Teal Blue A badly beaten folding table seeks shelter behind the two-toned opening. Stucco in a wonderful shade of “coffee stained teeth” continues directly to the spiderweb-ridden crease of multicolored filth. 
|#19| Robin Egg Blue Rust patchwork eclipses entire front surface. Digital pattern at the top, splotchy at the bottom. Crystals in the dense aggregate wink back.
|#20| Sunset Recessed and concave. A squawk-box and siren light protrudes from the top corner like an IV needle out of a limb; a discouraging adornment. High scuff marks and gum stains.
|#21| Vermilion Cracked and sloped approach. Corrugated galvanized iron reflects light as well as sound, rich blues and aquas get lost in the peaks and valleys. Judging by the missed package slip, it seems Brown can't do anything for Orange.
|#22| Artichoke Modern day cave paintings; doodles without destination. Deco gate protects against any further attacks. Fire alarms, hydrant hookups, and water meters; unscathed. 
|#23| Mountbatten Pink Beaten and bruised gate, severely rusted. Coarse, crumbling asphalt breaks down from the hot sun. A truly nasty Neapolitan.
|#24| B'dazzled Blue Cinder-block build, outdated drainage system. Pitted and rusted lower quadrant. Over-sized spray-painted Cheerio. 
|#25| Wine Purplely plinths, burgundy bricks, miserable masonry. Lightly scuffed surface with a circular portal and an azure fall floor. 
|#26| Laurel Green Mottled afternoon glow on grungy bricks. Corroded circuitry and added asphalt lip. Double hasps let to rot, haphazardly. 
|#27| Sherpa Blue Painted patchwork with steep, scathing shadows. Heavy steel thick with corrosion, molded by constant sea winds. Proper ventilation for causes unknown. 
|#28| Chartreuse Yellow Terracotta tiles funnel runoff into sagging gutters. Exposed wires feed the dim florescence, ghastly grungy greens.
|#29| Celestial Blue Weather-worn wood planks and poorly painted masonry surround the mailbox for two-two-seven; tagged and dented. Sloping and raised approach redirects runoff onto two-tone concrete. 
|#30| Mint Leaf Sunburnt stucco surrounds site 213. Marked-up meter, white roll-up, weathered weeds. 
|#31| Copper Smears, scuffs, and stains from pushing, gripping, and kicking. Scarred concrete sports a red-zone - absolutely no dumping.   
|#32| Steel Blue Painted cinder blocks, a salmon-tangerine smoothie. Splatters and rust bubbles leak and stain. Gas-meter pipping in, gutters pipping out. 
|#33| June Bud So 232, we meet again; it has been five years since we last looked upon one another. You appear the same, your rust scabs and squeaky mail-slot haven't changed a bit. Me? I managed to track you down, but I see things differently now. Who knows what will happen next time. 
|#34| Deep Champagne Decrepit alcove, weeping concrete. Bare light-bulbs dangle like electric truck nuts. Ripped out hand rails leave bolt hole scars. 
|#35| Teal A perfect shade of Windows 95. Vertical mail slot, water-stained concentrate, and scalloped potato stucco. Looks like someone has already cut out their favorite piece.
|#36| Honeydew Pull-handle and tall lock, complete with call-box. Creamy stucco is interrupted by unevenly rolled paint. Is the Painter unacquainted with high nap?
|#37| RAF Blue Proper ventilation for back-alley blues. Smeared surface, splattered and sleazy side-walls. Please, no overnight parking. 
|#38| Platinum Sunburned and peeling asphalt leads to a nasty curb. Corrugated metal and fiberglass and the tiniest orange leaf you ever did see. 
|#39| Bondi Blue Streaking dirt and water form a bark-like texture. Rust bleeds and seeps from metal pipes and parking post. Butterfly hinges abound.
|#40| Celedon Green As above, so below; what lays behind the grungy, green door, some will never know. As within, so without; always, full of doubt. 
|#41| Slate Grey Flaky and crumbly paint, a scrumptious blueberry tart for two. Completed by post-dessert cigarettes.
|#42| Payne's Grey Kicks, bumps, dings, scuffs, a succulent sorbet surrounds this Rorschach blot.
|#43| Rose Quartz Laminate contaminate and yin-yang swirls. Portable plywood facade and a vacuous black hole, secret eave access. 
|#44| Camel Decomposing tumbleweeds in a dusty alcove. Setting sun casts shadows and heat signatures. Bleached, burnt, baked. 
#45| Bistre Crusty doormat, orb sconce, and elevated window. Three locks comes standard for this bold shade of brew—lots of cream please.  
|#46| Air Superiority Blue Zigzag staircase throws piano-key shadows, an abandoned motel rusts under blasting sun rays. Encroaching weeds and fault lines, 119 slowly returns to the wild(blue yonder).